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Bulldog Info

Anyone that wants to adopt a pet should learn as much about that type as animal as possible. Here is a collection of information for bulldogs. Whether you aren't certain if a bulldog is for you, want to understand what makes bulldogs unique, or looking for book-knowledge and trivia about bulldogs, we do our best to help our visitors learn more about their beloved dogs.

10 Signs a Bulldog is For You
Bulldogs make great companions and are often ideal family pets. They often get along well with children and adults alike, but they may not be for everyone. Find out if a bulldog is the right pet for you.

20 Interesting Bulldog Facts
Lots of facts and trivia about bulldogs in history, breed characteristics, which bulldogs are most popular, and who are some famous bulldog guardians. Find out which bulldogs are the largest or smallest and so much more!

Distinguishing Bulldog Traits
Long gone are the days of bull baiting, and with them the once vicious and aggressive characteristics of the bulldog’s ancestors. Today’s modern bulldog is distinguished in its adorable appearance and generally agreeable demeanor.

History and Origin of the Modern Bulldog
The kind and resolute traits of the modern bulldog as described by the American Kennel Club strike a sharp contrast to the aggressive origins of the breed. Originally bred for farming activities and then for the (now widely illegal) barbaric blood sport of bull-baiting, bulldogs have come a long way as domesticated pets -- with much credit due to judicious breeders and trainers.